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Pastor joseph mohi ud Din Biography

Pastor Joseph is a famous American preacher and televangelist. This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, life, career, works and timeline.

Nationality: Pakistan

Famous:      Pastor Jeseph

Age:             47

Born In:       Lahore

Famous As:Pakistan  Preacher

Education : Master Punjab University

                     Professional degree B.E d from Allana Iqbal open university.

                     Bechelors in theology(B.TH)

                     M.phil in history from Minhaj University.

My name is Joseph Mohi Ud Din, my Father name is Yaqoob Umer Din. I was born on 4 January1973 Lahore in Christian family,  I got my early education  from Franciscan Christian institute and graduated from Diyal singh College and I did my Masters From Punjab University in History later on I got my professional degree B.Ed  from Allama Iqbal open University. I did my Bachelors in theology (B.TH) from Assemblies of God . I did my Mphil from Minhaj University . I am married and my wife is an educated lady she is assisting me in Ministry work. I have four kids two sons and two daughters. Since my childhood I was keen interested to be associate with Church. In my childhood I used to go Sunday school regularly. I took part in every Church activity as a Christian child believer .With the passage of time i was growing up physically and also growing in the identity of Jesus Christ. God gave me the vision to be a Pastor in life for winning souls for Christ .As I was growing up while I was studying academically and theologically. God enhanced my approach to God to visualize his Glory .God blessed me with Biblical Knowledge and Pastoral skills to impart the Biblical knowledge to Church.God has made me the spiritual head of a church of loving people and given ministry named the ‘’The Bible revival ministry of Pakistan’’ (Redg ) God using me tremendously in different directions for winning the souls for Christ .we are doing work for kids, women and for youth, widows, Drug addicted  for salvations. Pray for me that God give me sound health, wisdom and blessing to expend the Kingdom of God. Amen.

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